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Tamil Civilians escaping terror held areas attacked by LTTE

A group of Tamil civilians escaping the LTTE areas seeking security forces protection were attacked by LTTE terrorists while they were on their way to Pulmoddai, on 24th June. Thirteen Tamil civilians who left their native places in Chundikulam, Killinochchi were onboard when the LTTE terrorists gave chase and said have fired at the civilian’s boat in the waters off Pulipanchical area. A civilian, Seilamogan Rathnasingham (29), among the escapees onboard was killed due to LTTE’s fire and others however have luckily escaped and reached safely in the coast of Pulmoddai, under security forces control. The victim was a father of one and his wife and 3 year-old daughter were also among the escapes. “We left our native places in Kilinochchi and we were trying to enter into government controlling area seeking protection for our lives. My husband was killed when the LTTE attacked our boat chasing it”, the wife of the victim said. “LTTE terrorists are forcefully recruiting civilians to the outfit and we have serious threats to our lives from the organisation (LTTE), so we decided to eave our native places and to reach government controlling areas”, the escapees were cited as saying. Security forces personnel have provided all the necessities for the escapees and steps have already been taken by the government officials to provide safe shelter for them.

Click on the following link to watch the video.

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