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Naughty Nitharsanam’s nasty piece of work – insults the Tamils again

It appears the Great Wanni Chief of the Groundhog Holed-up Enclave cannot meet the Japanese envoy His Excellency Yasushi Akashi for the reason he had appeared on a public stage with the representatives of the JVP, producing as a proof a photograph to that effect. His Excellency has been associated with the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) since 2002 and is visiting Sri Lanka for four days to help keep the CFA effective and prevent the breakout of hostilities.

However, it has been found out that such a photograph was doctored by Nitharsanam run by Dirty Sethu in Oslo through an internet presenter in the US just like the way some months ago the TULF leader V Ananda Sangaree was pictured as addressing a gathering of Sri Lankan Armed personnel. In this case Ananda Sangaree’s picture was lifted from that of photograph taken while addressing a civilian meeting in a rural area.

Illustrated below are two pictures both together expressive of the Nitharsanam fraud, one depicting the real event and the other doctored by Nitharsanam to give a dirty twist to ensure that the Japanese envoy’s plans are sabotaged. This Dirty Sethu is loyal to the LTTE but this loyalty must surely be rooted in something much deeper within the terror contraption which must be focused on the interests of a certain party or person/persons within the Wani Lair or even without.

On a theory of exclusion, he is not serving the interests of the Tamils and certainly not for solution to the ethnic crisis. He is a downright liar and even after he was exposed as such, continues with his stinking activities and propaganda. Norway seems unconcerned about his activities on its soil.

Whose interests is he trying to promote or is he just stark raving bonkers?

Whatever it is, Dirty Sethu must be mentally distorted to think that all the people can be fooled all the time. His website is read only by the Tamils and that too, with some exception, LTTE fanatics who will believe anything that comes out of Wanni. A new idea that is being promoted among the Wanni fanatics is that it is alright for young girls to be impregnated to make it easy for them to gain access to the targets intended for suicide bombing and destruction.

It is important to keep watch on this website and when the time comes, to take appropriate action against the LTTE version of Joseph Goebbels. Remember Nurenburg!


His Excellency Yasushi Akashi will no doubt be disappointed at not being able to meet the self-acclaimed national leader. This man of the Wanni Bush, it must be noted, prefers his silence in his air-conditioned luxurious confinement below the ground and the best that can be done for His Excellency the Japanese envoy is to meet Zoo-Paa Thamilselvan who speaks no English. This would demand either an interpreter who is good at Japanese and Tamil or Japanese, English and Tamil unless Zoo-Paa can understand and express a few words in Japanese.

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